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Paul talks baseball on episdoe 1 and who he likes the weekend of June 14th. He also talks about why he doesn't like baseball props. 

Paul is making the prediction that the Rangers who are currently 5.5 games out of first place will win the West. Once the Rangers get Scherzer and DeGrom back they be solid in the second half of the season. There's to much talent on the Rangers for them not to be a contender and a winner. 

The Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes has come and gone and the winner is the Los Angeles Dodgers

Paul talked about the Ohtani sweepstakes on Episode 240 before he landed in LA. Paul had an interesting take on the story. Instead of duplicating mainstream media analyst by trying to pick the team that would pick him. He made an interesting point how risky it would be to make such a heavy investment on a player that just had a surgery that will sideline his pitching for a year.

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Now that the Dodgers won the sweepstake by singing Ohtani to a 10 year 700 Million Dollar contract with deferred payments the question is it worth it?

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Congratulations to the Texas Rangers as they win the World Series. They take down Arizona Diamond Backs in 5 games including a 3 game sweep in Arizona to close it out. 

They entered the playoffs as a wild card and ran the card. They sweep the Rays in Tampa. They scored 11 runs to the Rays 1 an absolute blowout.  Then they go to Baltimore and sweep the top seed Orioles. The bats stayed hot as they scored 21 runs in three games. 

Then they have a showdown with the Astros. After winning the first two games they lose three at home only to come back and win the final two games in Houston. 

The regular season comes to an end as the Houston Astros come up big on the final day and win the AL West. Plus the NL Wild Card race is settled as the Diamond Backs and Marlins make it but the Cubs get pushed out on the final day of action.  

Podcast Episode 230 Paul talks MLB playoffs as the second season begins 

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Paul likes the Twins, Dbaks, Rays, and Phillies. Listen to this episode to find out why. 

Plus Paul talks about the Bryce Harper affect and the Jose Altuve affect the two biggest names in the playoffs that are associated with winning 

Podcast Episode 227 - This is it! the final weekend of baseball is here and we have two big races left to solve. The NL Wild card race is still up for grabs and the AL West showdown is coming to a head. Paul looks at each race tells us why this is it. Time is running out in the AL West as the Astros and Mariners square off in a winner makes the playoffs and the loser goes home. Plus he tells us who is the biggest surprise team this year and why. 

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It's Sept 28 and there is four days left of the MLB regular season. Time is running out! 

Check out this weeks blog article entitled 
LA Dodgers the Big Blue Wrecking Crew

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Podcast Episode 224 - 10 games left in the regular MLB season and Paul looks at the teams that are in the Right Place at the Right Time

With just 10 games left in the season Paul says the AL West is Wild Wild Wild! Listen to this episode as he breaks down the teams in the west that are the good the bad and the ugly 

At the end of Episode 224 Paul tells us what team he thinks is the biggest disappointment of the year and why


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The Baseball season is in the final stretch run. Paul looks at the teams making the final push to cross the finish line and make it into the playoffs. Listen to Episode 221 as Paul tells us who he thinks will make the playoffs and why 

There are some teams that Paul says will be safe making it into the playoffs as Wild Card Teams. However its not the favorites that always make it and Paul tells us why 


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September 10th update - 20 games left and Paul is making predictions

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Paul mentions on Episode 219 that Jose Altuve is red hot at the plate and that spells trouble for the AL contenders come the playoffs. Although he still thinks the Orioles are your best bet because of the pitching. They close out games better than anyone else in baseball. 

In the NL the Braves show us why they are the best team in baseball. They have more HR than anyone else and the line up is stacked with power. The playoff race in the NL is excitement plus you have 6 teams within 3 games of each other fighting for 3 spots. 

The next baseball podcast will be on Wed Sept 13th and Paul will look at the NL race and tell us who he thinks will make it across the finish line and into the playoffs 

The baseball deadline has come and gone and Paul is talking about what that means for teams like the Angels and Mets. The stories Paul covers are a little different from the mainstream media stories for he can tell it the way it us not the way not the way they want you to see it. Listen to Episode 214 as once again its mainstream sports served with a side of comedy

Plus Paul looks at the team that has been the biggest surprise and hen tells us why he thinks they might make a World Series Run for the money 

Episode 215 on Talk Radio is another Baseball Podcast as Paul picks up where he left off on players, teams, awards, and what to look for in the post season

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Are you ready for the 2023 MLB Season? 
Baseball is now on the Clock 

Paul will preview the new season and the rules that go with it on Podcast episode 205

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Get ready for some Sports Comedy 
as Paul brings us the action. It's a new season and time for some new

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Plus he'll be previewing the
Dodgers and tells what he 
thinks of them this year 

Are you ready for the clock. Baseball has added a new feature and we'll just have to live with it whether we like it or not

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