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The Celtics are up three games to none against the Mavericks and Paul talks about it on the Episode 1 of the new Zapped Bets Podcast. Listen to the show and see who he likes 

The Detroit Pistons have lost 25 in a row and there appears to be no end in sight of the losing streak. This has gone beyond comical to unbelievable for the organization and the NBA - Here's why

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They say the NBA is fantastic and full of surprises. We never know what to expect from the games being played to the behavior of the players on and off the court. Even though everybody loves a good winning streak when a losing streak of this magnitude happens it questions the business end of the NBA. The Detroit Pistons are homing in on the record of losing 28 games in a row set by the Philadelphia 76ers. It took them to seasons to complete it the 2014/2015 and the 2015/2016 season. If the Pistons surpass that mark they will etch there name in the history books. 

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The Lakers win the In Season Tournament which Paul says was absolute success. Follow the story on Episode 240 

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In the beginning of the season Paul thought the IST was trash just liked everybody else. However as the tournament progressed and it became like the playoffs is when Paul realized what a boost it gave to the NBA. 

The Joker takes down Dr Jimi in the finals
and the Denver Nuggets win there first Championship.

Denver wins in 5 games and it wasn't even close. Miami was flat the entire series and wasn't able to create the magic like they did in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Denver was just to much as they concluded a perfect season with a dominating playoff run. They only lost 4 games the entire playoffs including a sweep of the Lakers. The one two punch of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray was unstoppable in the playoffs. 

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Listen to Podcast Episode 213 as Paul congratulates those good old country boys from Denver on winning there first Championship

Miami vs Denver NBA Finals 

The Stage is set for Miami and Denver in the finals. This is the first time for Denver and nobody thought Miami would make it but they did.  It will be the Joker of first Doctor Jimmy. Denver has home court that hasn't stopped Miami as they won the last three series on the road

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Denver will be the favorite but don't count out Miami listen to the lastest NBA podcast as Paul tells us why he thinks Doctor Jimi and the Heat just may be to much for the Joker and Denver to handle 

Paul makes his Big 8 prediction. Nobody thought the Heat would beat the Bucks but they did. Will they continue there winning ways. Paul has them going to the Semi Finals but not to the finals. He'll tell us why on Podcast Episode 208

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The Lakers and Warriors show why experience matters. Now they have a showdown in the West for the first time since 1991. Paul has some good points that he'll be discussing regarding this series on Podcast 208 


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Round 2 of the 2023
NBA Playoffs 

The Lakers take down Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs. The Lakers flexed their playoff muscles and reminds everybody the experience counts in then playoffs. The eat the Grizzlies alive in 6 games

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Paul will be talking about the Lak Show and the significance of winning the first round of playoffs on Podcast Episode 208

NBA Playoffs are heating up. Podcast 207 is a deep dive into the first round of the Playoffs. Paul has some interesting stories to talk about. His stories are different mainstream media so catch the show

Paul says "Flash" the Splash Brother! If there gonna beat Sacramento in the first round then Curry and Thompson are in need of a software update so Paul says Flash the Splash 

The Boston Celtics are working for a living. Listen to the show and see why Paul thinks the Green Men are on there way back to the Finals 

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Paul makes his NBA Playoff predictions but he holds off on predicting this years winner until podcast Episode 206

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Paul's NBA Playoffs Bracket

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Last year it was the Warriors with the Splash brothers who won the Championship. Who will it be this year? 

Paul talks NBA Playoffs on Podcast Episode 204. Listen to his take on the road to the Championship


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Listen to Episode 204 as Paul previews the NBA playoffs and more. Plus he gives his predictions of who will be in the finals and why at the end of the Podcast 

NBA Playoffs 2023 

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Who do you think will be in the NBA Finals?
Send Paul an email at 
and he might talk about your picks on the air

The Regular Season is over and Paul is previewing the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers are in the Play In Tournament. The Mavericks miss the playoffs. Joel Embiid is the leading scorer.  Plus he's talking MVP and what a hot mess this award has become. Listen to the podcast and get his take on these topics and more 

Perhaps the most controversial topic all year has been the MVP award. The last two years its gone to Nikola Jokic and he's in the running for a third consecutive title. The only problem is he's not an MVP and everyone knows it. Ironically this year may be his best efforts the MVP voting panel dosen't look at performances they only look at numbers. Listen to Episode 204 as Paul tells us who he thinks the real MVP is this year and why this award has gotten so far off track  

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