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March Madness Preview 

Paul says Shut up
and Dance with me

March Madness 2023 
           Let the Madness Begin 


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It's time to fill out your Bracket

South - Alabama 1 Seed
East - Purdue 1 Seed
Midwest - Houston 1 Seed
West - Kansas 1 Seed

It's mainstream sports served with a side of comedy 

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200 episodes and still no commercials 

Will the #1 Seeds make it to the Final Four or will they be upset
Stay tuned and catch Paul's prediction on Wednesday (3/15) Podcast 
He'll be filling out his brackets and posting it afterwards

Paul has released his Bracket 

NCAAB Bracket part 1 2023 yahoo.jpg

Photo Credit Yahoo Sports 

NCAAB Bracket part 2 2023 yahoo.jpg

Photo Credit Yahoo Sports 

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