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Last year it was the Rams and Bengals in the Super Bowl who will it be this?


18 weeks of Football Madness

It's time for another season of NFL Football on the Sports Comedy Network. Each week they'll be updated Football Funny Briefs right here on the page. Plus Paul will be talking football on the Podcast Talk Radio. He'll also be doing Video Clips throughout the year and they'll be posted on the video page.

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NFL logo.jpg

There is nothing funnier than watching the football players "Dance it up" in the end zone 

TD Dance.gif

Congrats to Patrick Mahomes on his second Super Bowl ring and second MVP

Hay Patrick Mahomes you just won the Super Bowl what are you gonna do....?


Photo Courtesy of Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Super Bowl 57 
Chiefs 38 Eagles 35

Super Bowl 57 had it all. The first half was all Eagles but the Chiefs were able to flip the script in the second half and it was all Patrick Mahomes. Of coarse it wouldn't be the NFL if there wasn't a controversy penalty that made a difference. 

Superbowl 57 image courtesy of tech crunch.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Tech Crunch

I'm going to Disneyland !!

The Eagles Logo has a new look 

Funny Football Briefs 
Conference Finals 
49ers 7 Eagles 31
Bengals 20 Chiefs 23

Eagles cool logo.jpg
Chiefs Pat Mahomes.jpg

Pat Mahomes finally gets the Bengals jinx off his back with an incredible performance. He wasn't able to scramble and dodge tackles like he normally does put that didn't stop him from maneuvering down the field on the final drive that won the game  

Perhaps the coolest of Cool Logos shown here on the Sports Comedy Show 

Eagles reception.gif

Was it a catch?

On their first drive the Eagles for it on 4th down. They make a big play that started a chain of events that led to the 49ers dismantling. The replay shows it was an uncomplete pass and a bad call. However the Eagles were smart enough to do the hurry up offense and get the next playoff before the 49ers would react. The rest is Eagles Histroy  

The Chiefs have a cool logo of their own

Chiefs cool logo.jpg

Funny Football Briefs - Divisional Round

There was 4 big games on tap for the weekend of the divisional round. Let's take a look at the winners, losers, and moments that made us LAUGH LOL

Patrick Mahomes twists his ankle but he's able to hobble to the finish line as the Chiefs win
Jaguars 20
Chiefs 27

mahomes twist ankle.jpg

The Eagles brush off the Giants in a route
Eagles 38
Giants 7

Eagles mascot.gif

The Bills and the Bills Mafia fall flat on they're face at home in the snow
Bengals 27
Bills 10

Bills mafia lose.gif

The Dolphins run out of water as the Bills apply the knockout bunch
Dolphins 31
Bills 34

Bills beat Fins.gif

Wild Card Weekend was Wild Wild Wild


Chargers have an epic collapse in Jacksonville 
Chargers 30
Jaquars 31

Trevor Lawrence.jpg

The playoffs are underway and Wildcard Weekend saw some exciting games that supplied more than just laughs 

Brady sacked.gif

Goodbye Tom we're gonna miss you
Cowboys 31
Bucs 14

Trevor Lawrence throws 4 interceptions in the first half only to come back and shock the Bolts

Week 18
Funny Football Briefs

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are laughing all the way to the playoffs
Rams 16
Seahawks 19


The Henry Express gets derailed in Jacksonville and miss the playoffs  
Titans 16
Jacksonville 20

The Dolphins sink the Jets
and swim there way into then playoffs
Jets 6
Dolphins 11

Dolphins cool logo.jpg

The Giants are in the playoffs. Daniel Jones guides the Giants pass the Colts and into the post season
Colts 10
Giants 38 

Week 17 
Funny Football Briefs

Brock Purdy and the 49ers shoot down the Raiders and keep their winning streak alive at 9 games
49ers 37
Raidres 34

Brock Purdy bang bang.gif

Don't look now but the Lions are still in the hunt
Bears 10
Lions 41

Giants beat Colts.jpg
lions touchdown.gif

Week 16
Funny Football Briefs

Rams embarrass the Broncos on Nickelodeon 
Broncos 14
Rams 51


Steelers knock out the Raiders and eliminate them from the playoff race
Raiders 10
Steelers 13

Steelers coach.gif

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers keep their hopes alive by squashing the Dolphins in Miami
Packers 26
Dolphins 20

Aaron Rodgers animated.gif

      Week 15
Funny Football Briefs

The Patriots play hot potato on the last play of the game and it blows up in there face as the Raiders take it to the house

Patriots 24
Raiders 30

Raiders win.jpg

Colts choke hard 
up 33-0 and lose
Jeff Saturday is now 0-1 
on Saturday's and should
only play on Sundays

Colts 36 Vikings 36

Saturday loses.jpg

How about them Jags
They upset the Cowboys and stay alive in the playoff hunt

Jags 40 Cowboys 34

jags beat cowboys.jpg

     Week 14
Funny Football Briefs

49ers Brock Purdy.jpg

Brock Purdy is as pretty as a birdie.
49ers 35 Buccaneers 7

Rams Baker Mayfield.jpg

Baker Mayfield bakes the Raiders. Rams 17 Raiders 16

Eagles Jalen Hurtz.jpg

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles just keep rolling rolling rolling rawhide.
Eagles 48 Giants 22


Bengals 20 Rams 23

The Rams and the Bengals gave it there all and it was the Rams who came out on top of this one 23-20. It wasn't the high scoring game that everybody was looking for. Instead it was a battle of defenses and the Rams pulled out all the stops when they needed to


Cooper Kupp was the go to guy once again and when the Rams needed a Touchdown he came up big with the games winning catch



The Rams leader Aaron Donald closed the door on the Bengals on there final drive as they weren't able to score. It was to much Aaron and there was nothing the Bengals could do about it

aaron donald.jpg


Joe Burrow suffered an ankle injury but that didn't stop him from coming back and giving it his all

joe burrow knee.jfif


Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinatti Bengals

super bowl 56.jpg


This years Super Bowl will feature Mathew Stafford from the Rams against the young and talented Joe Burrow of Cincinatti. Believe it or Not is Joe Burrow who will be representing the AFC because he says "Believe it or not its Just Me"

Sofi stadium.jpg


The new stadium built in Inglewood sit just outside of downtown LA and everybody inside the stadium will be singing one thing. "I Love LA"



This years Fly By Super Bowl will be unique because it features War Planes from the Planes of Fame Museum and Air Force Jets. This one you don't want to miss


Tampa Bay 31 Kansas City 9

Tom Brady and his Brady Bunch was unstoppable in the biggest game of them all. He threw for 3 TD's and had no interceptions. The Bucs defense was even more impressive by not letting the Chiefs in the end zone for a touchdown

bucs win superbowl.jpg
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