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The Playoffs are set and Paul says the playoffs
is gonna be Wild Wild Wild

#1 Baltimore Ravens (bye)
#2 Buffalo Ravens 
#3 Kansas City Chiefs 
#4 Houston Texans
#5 Cleveland Browns
#6 Miami Dolphins
#7 Pittsburgh Steelers 

afc vs nfc espn.jpg

#1 San Francisco 49ers (bye)
#2 Dallas Cowboys 
#3 Detriot Lions 
#4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
#5 Philadelphia Eagles 
#6 Los Angeles Rams
#7 Green Bay Packers 

The Playoffs kick off with Wild Card Weekend and Paul is making predictions and handicap history. 

On Week 13 Paul made his playoff predictions on the podcast and was almost perfect in the NFC. He said the Rams and the Seahawks would make the playoffs. The Packers snuck in past the Seahawks but it was a very different picture 5 week ago because Rams, Seahawks, and Green Bay were all in the outside. In the AFC Paul predicted that same week that the Buffalo Bills would make the playoffs and this was before they're 5 game winning streak and they were way outside the box. Paul new they were a playoff team and didn't give in on his predictions because
                       SPORTS TRADER PAUL SEEES ALL 

Top 5 

It's time to rearrange the Top 5 in the NFL going into week 17. Once again you can only catch the story here on the website not on the Podcast Talk Radio 


1. Baltimore - has done everything right to earn the top spot
2. Philadelphia - should win the East and in the hunt for a bye
3. San Francisco - despite loss to Baltimore still healthy and strong
4. Miami - should win the East and closely on Balts tail for bye
5. Kansas City - everybody except me is counting them out

It's hard to choose only 5 teams at the top. Paul inserts the Dolphins and has to omit then Lions because they still have a tough schedule. The Chiefs fall to the fifth spot but Paul can't take them out of the top 5 because come playoffs they're still the most dangerous team in football 

Paul puts in order the top 5 teams in the NFL going into Week 16. He tells us who he likes and why. This is an additional story that wasn't discussed on the Podcast giving you an exclusive look at what Paul thinks 

istockphoto-817577644-612x612 top 5 list.jpg

1. Kansas City - might not have the best record but still the best team come playoff time
2. San Francisco - Could be the best team if they stay healthy  
3. Baltimore - home field advantage could boost them to the Superbowl
4. Philadelphia - despite 3 game losing streak still the best well rounded team in football
5. Detroit - an explosive offense that has a Cinderella story in the making 

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Everybody is working for the weekend and the weekend is here. It's week 15 in the NFL and Paul looks at the big events this weekend. Episode 242 recorded on Saturday morning starts by Paul tells us why even though he's not a Brandon Staley he thinks his firing was just a reaction to the embarrassing lose against the Raiders. Then he looks at the NFC and tells us who he thinks is hot and who will make the Wild Card Race. Plus he does pregame analysis on a Saturday and Sunday Game. Listen to this episode to catch his 5 star pick and enjoy the sound bites he has lined up  

istockphoto-165660264-612x612 quarterback.jpg

We're getting close the end of the season so its time to 
look at MVP candidates. Paul at them tells us why it will
once again be a quarterback and which one he likes the best

Episode 238 NFL Playoff Picture Review - Paul talks about the new format which started in 2021 with three wild card teams instead of two. He thinks this year's playoffs will be wild wild wild. 

playoff logo wiki.jpg

Photo Credit Wikipedia

Plus Paul brings back an old Podcast impersonation as he calls on the Marlon Brando the Godfather himself to tells us what's going on the Bills and then Bills Mafia

Episode 237 NFL Top 5 ranked by Paul after 9 Weeks. Paul is back in action and he decides the tell us who his top 5 teams are in football. Yes he has some surprises and he tells us why. 

One of his surprise teams is the Bengals. See where he ranks them and he tells why. They're riding a 4 game winning streak and he thinks they'll keep going 

He has only two NFC teams in the top 5 see listen to the show and see who they are 

Episode 234 of Talk Radio Paul calls on Porters Picks as they slice and dice the NFL and College games for Week 6

Screenshot 2023-10-13 124239 Porters Pick.png

They look at the Raiders game and give a surprise pick plus they talk about the NFL in London and what it really means for the players

Episode 226 Monday Morning Quarterback - Paul looks back at Week 3 quarterbacks that were Truckin. Plus he talks about why the Raiders made the wrong call by kicking a field late in the game 


Flipper the Dolphin keeps Trucking into the end zone in a 70-20 blowout of the Broncos. Listen to MMQ and see why Paul says the Broncos suck!

istockphoto-157507845-612x612 dophin.jpg

Photo Credit iStock 

Podcast Episode 222 - its Week 2 football previews 

In this show Paul calls special guest Porters Picks and they look at a couple of College and Pro games this weekend that have a betting edge to them. Porters Picks tells us what to expect with some Big 12 matchups and then he tells us why he thinks Penn State will be in the top 10 for the remainders of the season. Listen to the show to catch all of his analysis 

Salerno .png

Paul starts talking about the difference in between the art and science in sports betting. He loves looking at stats but also believes there's more than just stats that make up a good pick. He thinks they're are certain rules that regular bettors should follow like they did in the old school days 

Podcast Episode 220 Monday Morning Quarterback 

It's time for another season of Monday Morning Quarterback. This is the third season Paul has been doing MMQ on the Podcast. He says it's one of his favorite shows because he gets to look back and tell you what when wrong yesterday for some of these quarterbacks. Plus this is a single host show so he gets to add soundbites and keep it light and fun. 

Some of the quarterbacks Paul calls out this week is Jimmy G as he guides the Raiders to victory. Brock Purdy as he makes it looks pretty in Pittsburgh and Joe Burrow who is not happy this Monday morning. Plus stick around to the end of this one for Paul talks about sports betting and the difference between Science and the Art of Betting 

Photo Credit Solutions 5.12

Are you ready for some football

The 2023 NFL Season is here and Paul and special guest Porters Picks take a deep dive into previewing the NFL. These two sports maniacs give you all they got on Podcast Episode 217 They look at the divisions that are top heavy with talent and tell you how they think things are gonna play out.  

Porter picks.jpeg

Plus they look at the key matchups on Week 1 and tell you who they like and why. Porters Picks reveals some good betting trends that he's been tracking and Paul tells why he looks totals in the first week. This show is a must hear show the sports bettors nationwide

Paul football.jpeg

Congrats to Patrick Mahomes on his second Super Bowl ring and second MVP

Hay Patrick Mahomes you just won the Super Bowl what are you gonna do....?


Photo Courtesy of Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Super Bowl 57 
Chiefs 38 Eagles 35

Super Bowl 57 had it all. The first half was all Eagles but the Chiefs were able to flip the script in the second half and it was all Patrick Mahomes. Of coarse it wouldn't be the NFL if there wasn't a controversy penalty that made a difference. 

Superbowl 57 image courtesy of tech crunch.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Tech Crunch

I'm going to Disneyland !!

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