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Are the Bruins the best NHL Team ever?

The 1996 Red Wings and the 2019 Lighting both had 62 wins in the regulars season. The Boston Bruins are on track to win 64 games this season as they are currently 38-5-4. The Bruins who lost a heart breaking game 7 Stanley Cup finals series to the St. Louis Blues in 2019 are coming back with vengeances and nobody can stop them. This team is different then previous years. They're virtually unstoppable on their home ice and are ranked #1 in the league for goals for (GF) and #1 for goals against (GA). David Pastrnak is second in the league for goals scored and first for shots on goal. Bruins goalie Linus Ullmark leads the league in goals against average (GAA) at 1.88. The rest of the goalie pack is above 2.0

The reason I think the Bruins are making there mark as the best team ever is they are the most complete team to take the ice I've ever seen. When teams are so dominate its because of the high flying scoring like the Tampa Bay Lighting. Which we've seen in recent years or the tight defensive play like the Montreal Canadiens of old.

Here are some points that standout so far this season

  • 22-1-3 Home record so far

  • 1st in league for Penalty Kill Percentage 87%

  • 2nd in league for Power Play Percentage 27%

  • 1st in league for goals scored 181

  • 1st in league for goals against 95

So I ask you can anybody stop the complete package known as the Boston Bruins

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They have to win the 🏆 Cup before they're considered to be among the

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