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Behind the scenes of a Hybrid Podcast. The making of Destination Unknown the Trevor Bauer Story

It was a new concept and style of story telling says Paul the creator and Host of the Sports Comedy Show. It's a story I've been working on ever since the news broke over a year ago. I didn't want to report it as news reporter I wanted to tell the story of "Rough Sex" and the bizarre situation a premier baseball pitcher has put himself in. So when I went into the studio months ago I wasn't able to articulate it the way I wanted to so I left it alone.

When it came time to start writing stories for season 2 of feature stories I decided to give it another shot. Then something happened when I was working on it I just happened to be listening to Missing Perrons first album and I realized all there hits had the story I was looking for. For those who follow my Podcast no how I like to use rock n roll sound bites to enhance the sports stories I'm covering. However this was different the more I listened to the music the more the story came to me. That's what inspired me to let the music do the talking and create a Hybrid story. I've never done anything like that before so this time when I went back into the studio I decided less talking and more music. All I had to do is bridge the story line between songs.

I used the hit Walking in LA as preset to the story after all Trevor was suppose to go the NY Mets who made the highest bid for him as he was the top player in the off season free agency draft sweep stakes. Then something happened that shocked everybody instead of signing with the Mets he came to LA talked to the Dodgers and immediately signed with them. That's when Trevor was "Walking in LA" although the song says "Nobody Walks in LA"

Then Trevor makes news that shocks not only the sports world but the entire country. He is accused of Rough Sex that leaves his accuser badly beaten as she ends up in the emergency room. If you listen to the song Mental Hopscotch the lyrics clearly match what happens when a lady is abused or as Dale Bozzio sang "Why must you treat me this way" That's when I realized that this song was the key to the whole story and hybrid podcast was in the making

After the news went public it left Trevor and his accuser in a lost for "Words" which was a perfect time to use Missing Persons hit "Words" Again it just seemed like a perfect fit to what was happening or as Dale would say "When know one listens there's no use talking at all"

MLB finally steps in and slaps Trevor with a 324 game (2 years) suspension leaving Trevor's future in a state of "Destination Unknown" which is the final song on the podcast

As Trevor's Destination is Unknown for now I was able to find a rare take from Dale Bozzio who still sings all the Missing Persons hits to this day. She says we get to make our Destination for it is "I" who decides how to deal with the unknown. So I close this blog with how will Trevor Bauer deal with the situation he has put himself in.

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