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Do you hear the guns of Fernando

National Heritage Month continues and today we look back at the biggest Mexican phenom on of the all..... FERNANDO MANIA

When Ferny hit the scene it was bigger than a Mexican Jumping Beam in Los Angeles. 1981 had unexpected joy when the Dodgers gave the ball to a Mexican kid who looked like the laughing stock of Mexico. Little did anybody know that the kid had a Mexican fight in him that couldn't be beat

Fernando took the Dodgers and the city of Los Angeles by storm be doing the unimaginable. Taking the Dodgers to the World Series and beating the New York Yankees. It was the birth of Fernando Mania for his Mexican Heritage and style won the Hart of Los Angeles .

I was just a teenage when Fernando Mania hit the scene and I lived in LA. I'm half Mexican and so I can speak for my people. He brought out the pride and joy of being Mexican. He made Mexican's and Mexican Americans believe that they can do anything just as good as any other race in America.

Today as we celebrate National Heritage Month for its stories like this that feeds Brown Pride. At the center of the Mexican Culture is Fiesta. When Fernando Mania hit he gave everybody a good reason to have a Fiesta. After all he was the Rookie of the Year and won the Cy Young in the same year. Nobody has done it since. In closing all I can say is Fernando made me proud to be Mexican