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Epic Chargers collapse in the playoffs at Jacksonville

The Los Angeles Chargers have an incredible first half in Jacksonville with four interceptions and a fumble recovery as they turn it into a 27-0 lead. Everything was looking up for the Bolts as they were electrifying and the crowd in Florida was stunned to say the least. However this is the Chargers we're dealing with and you could just sense that it was to good to be true....and it was.

Just before the half the Jaquars score a touchdown to cut it to a 20 point game then came the second half. The Chargers didn't want to take their foot of the gas and came out aggressively not a bad idea or was it? The problem was they continued passing the ball on every play which instead of running the ball and focus on working the clock. Sure enough it came back to haunt them. They couldn't score on the opening drive of the second half and only took 2 and half minutes off the clock. It was clear that clock management was the last thing on Coach Staley's mind. Every possession in the third quarter was a throwing dominate attempt to try and score more points which never happened. Meanwhile the Jaqs offense start playing in sync and making the big plays. The Chargers were only able to score 3 points in the third quarter and none in the 4th. It wasn't until half way through the 4th did the Chargers start running the ball in an attempt to try and run out the clock when the had a 10 point lead but that was unsuccessful as well.

The writing was on the wall and the collapse was underway. It was clear to see that a the Chargers were going to make history in a bad way. The Jaqs had the momentum in the second half and now the crowd that was electrified by the Bolts in the first half were now recharged and roaring with a vengeance. Coach Pederson known for his aggressive play calling made a brilliant play by going for a two point conversion late in the game that cut the lead to 2 points. That gave them the path to make the 3rd biggest comeback in playoff history which they did. Sure enough their defense came up big again and with just a little over two minutes left in the game the Jaqs offense gave the Chargers a lesson on clock management and on the last play off the game the Jaqs hit the winning field goal and another Chargers collapse was complete.

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1 Comment

Victor Salerno
Victor Salerno
Jan 15, 2023

Well written and collapse-ulized!

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