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Has instant replay ruined sports?

I don't know if instant replay has ruined sports but is has changed sports and not for the better. Sporting events have changed because we live in a world of instant replay and challenges. Football was the first one to use instant replay back in 1986. I didn't like then and I hate it now. I remember when it first came out how it was a lengthy distraction that took from the game. I was aware that it would have long term effects and boy was I right. Fast forward to 2023 now every major sport has it and there isn't a quarter, inning, or period that goes by that there is an instant replay or a coach screaming for a review. Football now gives coaches the chance to complain by throwing the challenge flag. Other sports are following the same paths in hopes of limiting reviews and keep delays to a minimal. Unfortunately its not working for instant replay has an enormous effect on the game. Overturned calls alters the game while confirmed calls only leaves doubters crying foul. All at the expense of lengthy delays that changes the flow of the game.

This is why I don't like instant replay first of all, watching a replay in slow motion isn't the same as to what just happened. In many cases reviewing the play at regular speed is necessary to make an accurate call instead of slow motion especially on judgment calls. Another reason I hate it is how one sided fans become when it comes to judgement. When the call goes against their team they think its wrong. This has allowed me to see how shallow fans can be. Something else that has become apparent is when a play doesn't go their way they automatically blame the refs instead of accepting the outcome of the play. Finally its worth noting that instant replay has took the authority away from the officials and put it in the hands replay booth which is something we never get to see or hear from.

I came up with a good plan that I think would help alleviate pressure from the refs and eliminate judgement calls that say that it's inconclusive to over turn the call. Here's my plan if there's going to be a challenge then original call on the field is no longer stands. The replay booth will make the call and dictate the action. Since the beginning of reviews that's what they've been doing so the time has come to let them take control in a fair and unbias situation for all.

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