Sit-Com hits the Sports Comedy Show

Last week we saw three iconic actors finish there time on earth and move into heaven. The biggest one was James Caan then followed Larry Storch from F-Troop and finally Tony Sirico aka Pauly Walnut from the Sopranos. That inspired Paul the creator and host of the show to once again to do his Marlon Brando inspiration. After all it was Marlon who helped James Caan get his big break. So Paul allowed Marlon do pay a tribute to James but then when the other two actors died that prompted Marlon to once again came back on the Podcast and tell us that these three incredible actors will be working with him in heaven to show the NFL how powerful the Bills and the Bills Mafia really are.

You may recall Paul used Marlon Brando last season as a regular guest on the podcast to give us updates on the Buffalo Bills and the Bills Mafia. It just seemed right to attach the King Pin mafiaoso himself Marlon Brando to the Bills Mafia. Well expect more next year and will have to wait and see how Corp. Agorn from F-Troop (Larry Storch) and Pauly Walnut from the Sorpranos (Tony Sirico) are going to fit in with Marlon Brando and what antics they can bring to the Podcast as they control the Bills Mafia who are trying to supports the Bills to there first Superbowl

Can you picture these three taking orders from Marlon Brando as the Bills Mafia pulls the strings above to help the Buffalo Bills in there quest to winning a Superbowl

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