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The making of Destination Unknown the Trevor Bauer Story

It was a new concept and a new style of doing a Podcast says Paul the creator and host of the Sports Comedy Show. I wanted to do a Trevor Bauer Podcast ever since the story broke, However as time went on the story changed from Trevor being guilty in the court of public opinion to a growing support of Trevor Bauer fans who claim he's being wrongly accused.

I wrote a couple of scripts and even tried a couple of takes in the studio but it just didn't stick. I think my biggest problem was even though Trevor was guilty of "Rough Sex" I did 't know how to present an interesting enough story that would be fair

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Trevor Bauer is in


diesal jaxs
diesal jaxs
Jan 21, 2023

We will definitely find out !! Go team Salerno !! Lookin good Cuz !

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