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The MLB Players have been locked leaving the fans wondering if we'll have baseball next year

Well it happened again the Owners and the players can't agree on the Millions of dollars baseball generates for them each year so the business of baseball comes to a screeching halt. Now they have the offseason to come to an agreement if not the beginning of next season is in jeopardy of a strike. Both sides say the issues are complicated but here at the Sports Comedy Show we keep it simple - THEY"RE FIGHTING OVER MONEY and to make matters worse when its all said and done its the fans like us that will have to make up for it by paying more for tickets, parking, merchandise, food and beer at the games. Let's hope they come to an agreement sooner than later and give us fans a break by not raising the prices so we can once again enjoy America's favorite pass time, baseball

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Membre inconnu
28 déc. 2021

Why is about money that sucks!!!

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