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Two GOATS retire on the Same Day

On February 1st, 2023 we saw to of the greatest hero's say goodbye and decide to hang it up once and for all. Tom Brady bypasses a Press Conference and tells his followers that his football career has come to an end. Ozzy Osbourne makes the announcement that he has to cancel his upcoming tour and will retire from Rock N Roll touring. Two hero's two very different scenario's yet the bottom line is "Two Goats Retire on the Same Day"

Ozzy Osbourne has to say goodbye to Rock N Roll because at 74 health issues have become a major concern as he can no longer travel the world. Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy announced that he will cancel the upcoming tour and say goodbye to touring for good. It breaks Ozzy's heart to have to cancel a tour for his biggest thrill in life is to be on stage and play for his crowds. He explained that 4 years ago he had a fall that he hasn't been able to fully recover from and at his age he can no longer tour and travel. Ozzy is the most prolific figure in Rock N Roll by leading Black Sabbath to the top of Acid Rock then becoming a leader in Heavy Metal simply known as Ozzy

Tom Brady woke up this morning and knew it was time to say to goodbye to football. Instead of holding a press conference he made a short video clip and posted it on Instagram to let his followers know that its over. His contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is complete and he will no longer seek a new contract with them or any other team. This was a hard decision for Tom Brady who still has the fight within him to compete in the NFL however he's 45 and has over 20 years in the NFL and has nothing left to prove therefore it is time to say goodbye. He's been to the Superbowl 10 times won 7 of them and was the league MVP 3 times

These two icons have inspired to Paul to do a full feature story Podcast entitled Two Goats Retire on the Same Day. In this Podcast Paul looks at some of the achievement that both hero's accomplished and has some good sound bites of Ozzy Music and audio clips of Tom Brady and the Brady Bunch

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