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Welcome to the Sports Comedy Show's website - created and hosted by Paul Salerno

The Sports Comedy Show and Podcast puts comical spins on sport stories. The creator and host Paul Salerno is bringing a new perspective to sports by putting a comical spin on them. He believes this is one area within the sports community that hasn't been pursued on the mainstream level. His goal is to make sports enjoyable for everyone instead of the sports fanatic. He believe's that showing the funny side of sports will allow the Sports Comedy Show to become mainstream in the sports community. Currently we have sports bloopers but no show or podcast to support it. This is an exciting time for the Sports Comedy Show to build a new industry within sports. Plus currently no sports are being played due to Covid 19 and when they return there going to be incredible changes. Sometimes being able to laugh at them is better than taking them so seriously

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I hope the show hits the big time - Big Fan

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