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Season 2 Episode 7 (216) Feature Stories 

Movie Reviews!

The Summer of 2023 is full of blockbuster movies and Paul has seen them all so he decided to do a feature story call Movie Reviews. In this episode he looks at all the movies that hit the big screen this summer. Everything from Barbie to the Oppenheimer. If your a movie buff than you don't want to miss this one. Plus Paul says there's one movie that goes down as one of his all time adventure favorites. Listen to the end to see what it is and find out what his all time adventure movies are as well  


Photo Credit Paul Salerno

Photo Credit Paul Salerno

Barbie may be a Girlie movie but see why Paul likes it and what he has to do say about it 

Oppenheimer is a portrayal of history and Paul thinks there's an Academy Award performance in this one. Listen to the Podcast to see who he's talking about  

Season 2 Episode 6 Feature Stories 

The Lighter Side of Sports 

Funny Sports.jpg

Photo Credit Laff Gaff

A comical look at the big stories in sports. Sports are more enjoyable when we can laugh at them. Paul puts a funny spin on the stories that have made headlines in sports recently 

Ozzy says Goodbye to 
Rock n Roll 


Photo Credit CNN

Ozzy and Sharon announce that Ozzy will cancel the upcoming tour and he's retiring from touring at age 74 do to health conditions 

Season 2 Episode 5 of Feature Stories 

Two Goats Retire on the Same Day 

Tom Brady tells everybody he is retiring from Football

Ozzy Osbourne tells everybody he is retiring from touring 

On February 1st 2023 Tom Brady and Ozzy Osbourne both retire and will be known as the GOAT. Episode 5 is a feature story podcast entitled Two Goats Retire On the Same Day. This is podcast tells the story of the two greatest hero's and looks as some of there achievements. This is a unique story featuring to sound clips of Ozzy's music and some of Tom Brady's greatest moments. 


Photo Credit Giphy

Tom Brady say goodbye to Football

Tom Brady.jpg

Photo Credit Sky Sports 

Instead of having a Press Conference he tells his followers directly that his time has come and he will retire this time for good

Perhaps the biggest story of 2022 is Aaron Judge breaking the Yankees single season home run record

Season 2 Episode 4
The Best of 2022

The Splash Brothers made big news in 2022 as they win a Championship. 

Paul has some good sound bites in store for everybody on this episode 

Paul looks back at the stories he covered and tells us why his stories are better than the mainstream media sports stories 

Aaron Judge home run.gif
Splash brothers.gif

Heading 1

Photo Credit Warriors gif

Photo Credit Giphy

30 State have legalized 
Sports Betting and more 
are on the way


Photo Credit Sports Tip

Season 2 Episode 3
of Feature Stories

Take the Bet!!

Take the bet.jpg

Photo Credit Action Network

Sports Betting is bigger than ever and Paul talks 
Sports Betting Strategy 

The Sports Comedy Show is
leading the way in
Social Sports Media 

Paul St Patrick day 2021.jpg

Photo Credit Studio 28

Season 2 Episode 2 of feature stories
NBA is Fantastic

NBA - Parody 
Paul looks at the NBA and all the nonsense that goes with it. 

Photo Credit Studio 28


Now available on Demand

The first episode of Season 2 has launched. Paul but all his blood, sweat, and tears into this one. It was the first of its kind a Hybrid Podcast. Destination Unknown the Trevor Bauer Story is a story based on actual events yet told through the music of Missing Persons. Listen to this Hybrid Podcast to get a new perspective on the ongoing  saga of the Trevor Bauer Story


Paul is the driving the force behind the Sports Comedy Show. He's been doing the Podcast for over two years and now he's looking to ramp up video production and grow the Sports Comedy Network

Paul march madness pic.JPG


The hits from Missing Persons had the perfect chemistry for the Hybrid Podcast. Listen to the show and see how there big hits like Walking in LA, Words, and Mental Hopscotch fit right into the story line

Photo Credit Studio 28

missing persons band.jpg


Perhaps one of the most bizarre stories in sports last year was when Trevor Bauer the Dodgers Ace pitcher was accused of having "Rough Sex" to the point were his accuser had to go the emergency room.

Photo Credit TV80s

Trevor Bauer rough sex.jpg


For those who follow Paul and Podcast know how he likes to add sound bites to enhance the sports stories he talks about on Talk Radio. This time however it more than a sound bite its a Hybrid

Photo Credit Newsweek 

Trevor Bauer soudbite image .png

Photo Credit Gmail 


World Premier August 1st

Season 2 has 8 feature sport stories lined up. It all starts on August 1st with a new Hybrid Podcast labelled Destination Unknow the Trevor Bauer Story. Other episodes will include fictional stories like "Pulling the Strings from above, Bills Mafia" and "The Punk Meets the Godfather" Bills Mafia part 2



August 1st

A first of a kind Podcast for Paul and the team as he's gonna let the music do the talking to tell a story. When he went to write this story he was listening to Missing Person's and realize there was enough of a story line by playing there hits and  just bridging the story of "Trevor and Rough Sex"

Photo Credit True Blue LA

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