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About Monday Morning Quarterback

  • 5 Shout Outs to the top QB's of the Week

  • Sound bites that match the story 

  • Paul loves MMQ because he can BS with the best of them

  • 3rd season of MMQ on the Sports Comedy Show

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Episode 240 - 3 topics in Current Sporting Events. Ohtani Sweepstakes, NBA In play Season Tournament, NFL Injuries

1st topic Paul talks about the Ohtani sweepstakes and what a risky investment it would it be to pay 500 Million or more for a DH. Paul loves Ohtani but there is no guarantee his pitching arm will be the same due to a severe injury and operation. 

The 2nd topic Paul talks about the In game Season Tournament in the NBA and what a success this is for the league, the teams in the finals, and sports overall 

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The 3rd topic Paul talks about how NFL injuries has changed the game of football especially for the QB. Paul thinks its time for the coaches and front office to think outside the box and stop putting all there eggs into the 1st string quarterback. Afterall a good amount of them will have season ending injuries. 


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Episode 232 Monday Morning Quarterback Week 5 Review

In this episode Paul gives 5 shout outs to the quarterbacks who lit up the scoreboard yesterday. Plus he gives Monday Night Football analysis on the Raiders Packers coming up. Don't miss this episode and see why Paul say's he can BS with the best of them. Afterall it's Monday Morning Quarterback 

Episode 228 looks at Week 4 of football. Paul has analysis on some pro games and calls on Porters Picks to size up college football. Everyone loves a good game analysis and these two gives it to you all

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Plus Paul tells us what he thinks of the Bronco's and Bears who play each and puts it in a comical fashion on what to expect 

Talk Radio Episode 225 Finally a Friday Weekend Football Preview
with Porters Picks 

It the fourth week of college and the third week of pro football and Paul is previewing the big games of the week. Plus he calls on Porters Picks to help handicap the college games. Porters Picks has been red hot in college so listen to the show and see who he likes and why. Plus Paul gives you his 5 Star picks at the end of the show and so far he is 2-0 in the early NFL Season 

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Talk Radio Episode 223 Monday Morning Quarterback

This is the third season of Monday Morning Quarterback on Talk Radio and Paul says he loves this show because he can BS with the best of them! 

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In this episode Paul gives shout outs to Ryan Tannehill, Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott for having exceptional an exceptional week. Plus he brings back a MMQ favorite by doing his voice impersonation of Marlon Brando as the Godfather. After all he's the one pulling the strings for the Bills Mafia. Also Paul saves a 5 star pick for the end of the show for those who love Sports Betting  

Talk Radio Episode 219 Weekend Update

This is a big weekend in sports (Sept 8,9,10) It's Week 1 in the NFL not to mention last night the Season started with TNF. Plus in tennis the US Open finals are happening and baseball is making its final stretch run. 


Paul and Porter Picks have a free play for Sports Bettors

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Heading 1

In this episode Paul sees a football game that has the biggest line movement he's ever seen so he calls Porters Picks and they talk about what is going on in Colorado. Is it Primetime or is it over hype? Also Paul talks about his two favorite athlete's as they're both making noise in sports right now. Finally Paul has some picks lined up for Week 1 and he's giving them away on the Podcast. Listen to this one and get ready for the weekend 

See the NFL page for Episode 220 details

September 2023 brings a new season of football and for the third year the Sports Comedy Show will be producing its weekly podcast entitled Monday Morning Quarterback 

The MLB Season is winding down and Paul loves to talk baseball. He says baseball has two seasons the regular season then the playoffs. Listen to stories which differ from mainstream media. He gives his audience an indication of what to look for in the playoffs based on theory and trends not popularity or mainstream junk science. 


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The second season is here for the NBA and NHL. Follow Paul on the Podcast and see who he likes and why. The playoffs are what we live for listen to the show as Paul flushes away the losers and tells us why the winners won. 


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Photo Credit Studio 28

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Thank you to Mark Franco for beings a weekly special guest on the Sports Comedy Show's Podcast for the NFL season and playoffs 

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Mark Franco from Franco Sports is a sports Las Vegas based sports handicapper. He's a Senior Handicapper for Vegas Insider

February 2023
Talk Radio - Podcast  

It's Superbowl time  
Paul and Mark - Prop Bet Previews
Paul and Mark - Superbowl Preview
Super Sunday - Game Day analysis 


Superbowl 57 

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You can read more about Mark on his website 

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