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Changing the way we look at Sports 


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Welcome to the Sports Comedy Show's website the official home of the Sports Comedy Show. Our mission is to bring a larger audience to the sports community by adding comedy to sports. The Sports Comedy Show wants to make sports more enjoyable for everybody. Whether you play, watch, bet, or compete in sports we're going to bring laughter to the table and make sports even bigger in the mainstream media

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Follow Paul on the Podcast Talk Radio. It's mainstream sports served with a side of comedy 

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What is Social Sports Media anyways?

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Social Sports Media is all the fun for sports fans and players to participate in by adding there thoughts and words to the game

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The Sports Comedy Show is leading the way in the 
Social Sports Media

Sports fans want to be a part of the action by letting their voices be heard. The Sports Comedy Show is dedicated to listening to its members and grow a large community that will pave the way in the Social Sports Media industry. It's more than just Social Media its Social Sports Media and its all about sports and the fun that comes with them for all

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Follow the show by listening to the Podcast. Watch the Video clips and participate by adding comments on there Social Media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Paul is available in the Las Vegas area for live events as a Sports Comedian and Host

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The Sports Comedy Show LLC is interested in connecting with other organizations or media companies that are looking to partner or affiliate on a business level.

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Sports Comedy Show on the Buzzsprout Network 

Sports Comedy Show is committed to keeping the members of our community informed and involved. We love sharing news and updates with our fellow fans and want to make sure you never miss a thing. Click on the link below to choose your platform of choice to follow the Show's Podcast 


Creator and Host 

Follow Paul on the Podcast and Video Clips as he puts his life time knowledge and enthusiasm of the "World of Sports" into a comical fashion for all. Currently Paul is a Sports Trader and works for one of the largest Sports Books in Las Vegas for the lsa. Plus he's been an independent sports writer and has been writing and covering sports stories for over 20 years. Follow his updates on the blog page as he finds the sports stories worth following 

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You can now follow the Sports Comedy Show on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just click on the links at the bottom of the page with the social media icons. Plus the show's Twitter page has daily posts as all the funny sports stories unfold

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