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August 1st 2022 Season 2 Premier of Feature Story's Podcast

The new season of feature stories is in production and Paul is embarking on an incredible venture with episode 1 by creating his first Hybrid Podcast. It's entitled "Destination Unknown the Trevor Bauer Story" It will tell the story of "Rough Sex" and situation Trevor has put himself in through the music of Missing Persons

Episode 1 - Destination Unknown the Trevor Bauer Story

Episode 2 - Take the Bet! That's right Paul a Sports Trader, is jumping into the Sports Betting Handicapping game. However unlike everybody else he'll focus 0n strategy not handicapping. For he is "the House" and knows more than the rest

Other episodes in season 2 will include - The Bills Mafia (fiction) wait to you see the antics Paul has instore for everybody come football season. The Bills are on a quest to win a Superbowl and the Bills Mafia will be pulling the strings from above. Plus this year the Mafia from above have some pretty powerful characters to assist non other than the Godfather (Marlon Brando impersonation) to support the Buffalo Bills

Future season 2 episodes - That's right they're back Johnny Rocket and Texas Lucy (fiction) catch these two nut heads as the story continues when last season Texas Lucy hit a Million dollar sports ticket but now things have changed and the truth behind the winning ticket is coming out

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