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Porter on the Rise

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Brandon Porter a Las Vegas Sports Handicapper on the Rise. In just a short time Brandon aka Porter Picks has become a hot item on the Las Vegas Sports Handicapping scene. He's turned his passion into a business Porter Picks LLC and he's making his clients money by picking winners on sporting events on a daily bases. Porter say's he different then the rest by giving daily detailed write ups on his picks instead of just a few short words or statistics like most handicappers do.

Porters Picks has taken off on Twitter (X) as he currently has over 50K followers and his fan base is growing fast. His Twitter presence has attracted sports bettors from all over the world which has allowed him to grow a subscription based business that is booming! Porter says another reason why his service is better than the rest is he has strong connections within the sports betting community, This allows him inside information on things that factor into sports betting like various refs and umps who's game calling can develop trends that can be recognized and used to his advantage

The 2023 football season is almost here and today Porter is at Circa Sports Book in Las Vegas entering in the Circa Millions Football contest. A $1000 entry fee contest that Porter is no stranger to as he played last year and was in the money. He took home over 20K on a quarterly prize payout. This year Porter is poised and ready to do it again and show the Sports Betting World why Porters Picks is on the Rise!

follow him on at Twitter (X) at @Porter_Picks

story by Paul Salerno follow him on Twitter (X) @sportcomedyshow

Photo Credit - Paul Salerno Sports Comedy Show

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